Tokyo Toshokan

東京 図書館

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A BitTorrent Library for Japanese Media

Customize RSS Feed

RSS Options

This page lets you create a URL to show custom RSS options and/or results.

Category tags shown as:

Tagged uses the <category> tag in RSS 2.0
Inline shows it as [Anime] Name

Number of entries:

GZIP compression must be supported by the reader to support over 150 entries.

By default the <link> tag contains the direct link to the torrent file. This option puts magnet links there instead.

Search Options


Search Terms:

If the search terms options are used, the number of entries will be limited 50 results regardless of the "Number of entries" setting.


Please limit your request rate to at most 30 requests per hour per IP. We may throttle you if you go beyond this limit to save on CPU.